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Video Production

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Video Production Services

The team at N-Maximus Sigma has been working in the production industry for over a decade. During this time, all of our staff members have developed unrivalled expertise in their areas of specialisation. As one of the best videos production companies, we strive to provide our customers with high quality final products. We offer end to end solution for Corporate Video production, Independent films, TV commercials and Music Video production.

Film & TV Production

The N-Maximus Sigma has been recognised as one of the best production studios in the region, uniting a team of professionals that have spent over a decade in the business. We own all of our cutting-edge equipment, giving us the freedom to use or rent our gear and experience to create the best quality of film and audio that both man and technology can give. We can offer you the use of the most advanced film cinema cameras such as Arri Alexa, Red Epic Dragon and the new Red Helium Weapon, as well as the latest drone technology.

Corporate Video Production

Online video marketing has come of age. Viewers are more likely than ever before to buy a product after watching a video. They have rapidly become a crucial way for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, which is why corporate video production is one marketing force you shouldn’t ignore. Here at N-Maximus Sigma, we specialise in corporate video production for a range of business needs.

Music Video Production

Music Videos / Video Clips have now come the essential ingredient contributing to an artist’s success. Record labels might argue that a music video is more important then the song itself. Thanks to the popularity of the internet, music videos have the ability to capture an audience that was previously unreachable. Overnight, unknown independent artists have become world wide stars just from their music video going viral. No longer do major record labels have the hold on the industry and no longer does an artist need to sign a major record deal.

Aerial Drone Cinematography

Have you ever seen 4k Raw footage filmed from an aerial drone? It is mind-blowingly beautiful. Whether it’s for the purpose of capturing footage for full-length movie releases, professional commercials, real estate videos, or maybe even a high-quality home brew film project, N-Maximus Sigma aerial drone cinematography is your best choice. We have 10 years of experience in the film production industry and offer high-quality, end to end solutions.


Film/TV and Video Services

Our services can extend to every aspect of film, TV and video services, from feature film production, TV shows, commercials, music videos, corporate videos and web video production. If you can think of a use for high-quality cameras, lighting technology and expertise, then we can create the best results for your purposes. We also provide grip and lighting trucks, jib/crane rentals, film equipment rentals, and the full use and dedication of our post production facilities to all of our clients. With regards to music videos, we have become the preferred choice for some of the most important labels, known both locally and internationally. We have turned out high-quality footage produced from end to end in-house, respecting deadlines and specifications.

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Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video can be used as a means of communication for both internal and external messaging. Types and uses of corporate video production include:

Staff training
Internal communications
Product demonstrations
Customer testimonials
Event filming

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Music Video Production

What we can offer:

Filmed on State Of The Art Digital Cinema Cameras

Pre Production which includes Treatment and Story Board

Location Scouting

Professional Editing

Colour Grading on Davinci Resolve

Green Screen

Lighting Design

Special Effects


Make-up artist & Stylist

Still photography

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Aerial Drone Cinematography

With the latest technology, involving dual operator state of the art drone technology with separate focus options for the focus puller and live playback of video footage whilst in the air, you are in complete control. If you would prefer to have a trained professional capture the footage you need, then hand the remote over to our experienced pilots who specialise in film and television. Drones can capture the world in a way that nothing else can. With such a responsive and versatile tool, your outdoor filming needs will be met creatively and professionally. Our cameras provide high-end aerial cinematography for TV, film and commercials recording in 4k Raw, our highest quality format yet. They also have integrated lens and filter options and, if this is not enough specialisation for you or your production requirements, we can also process and colour grade the footage in our Davinci Resolve grading suite.

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